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Moving to Porkbun

A review of moving all of my domain names to Porkbun, an independent registrar in Portland, Oregon.

Sean Herron
Sean Herron
2 min read
Moving to Porkbun

I recently finished migrating all of my domains to Porkbun, a small, independent domain registrar located in Portland, Oregon. Previously, I had my domains across a variety of registrars (namely Dynadot, Namecheap, and Hover). Essentially, I would register my domains at whatever place was cheapest at the time, and then occasionally check-in on renewal costs and move around wherever I could save a few bucks.

As I gathered more domains (I have about 50 now), I realized this strategy wasn't really working. For one, it was getting increasingly difficult to keep track of which registrar was cheapest - especially because the cheapest purchase cost isn't always the cheapest renewal cost.

While Porkbun isn't always the absolute cheapest registrar out there, they are consistently cheap across every TLD I own (.com, .net, .org, .io, and a few others). Saving a few dollars per year with my convoluted multi-registrar approach wasn't really worth it, and overall I feel confident buying from Porkbun without searching across a bunch of sites to figure out where the best deal is.

Additional Services

Another benefit of Porkbun has been that all of the traditional domain add-ons are included in the cost. This includes basics like WHOIS Privacy (which, annoyingly, many places charge you for) as well as DNS management and URL forwarding. I've been able to move entirely off of Cloudflare for DNS management - which I'm particularly pleased with as Cloudflare's policy of forcing captchas on basically every webpage I visit is incredibly annoying.

Beyond that, Porkbun offers some solid basics like support for Yubikeys, which gives me a lot more confidence over the security of my account.

Final Words

As more and more of the internet consolidates in to a few large, walled garden companies, I'm always happy to see small independent companies that cater to a particular niche and do it exceedingly well. Porkbun is one of those companies. I can't recommend them highly enough!

Note: Since I'm always wary of posts like these....Porkbun did not ask me to write this post, nor did they provide any compensation for my review. I'm just a happy customer who is glad to finally have a single registrar for all my domains!